Do our masks Work – a thread by people who've tried them.

A: I used one pack before which had 5 individual masks. It felt really nice while using it because of the warming feeling it has on the jawline. After I used it the first time, my friend pointed out that my jawline looked sharper (I didn't tell anyone I bought these masks btw).

Is there anyone else who has experiences with these masks?


B: V-line like your actual jawline? Was your result lasting or did it go away because I always thought it was a gimic product. I want a slimmer V-line but I'm wondering about the mechanism of action.

If there's some science and research to it, I'd definitely try it! Definitely beats surgery and shaving off your jaw for a slimmer V-line. 😂


A: My results? Personally, I didn't notice too much. But it was SUPER surprising to find that my friends noticed the results of the mask when I didn't tell them about what I did for my jawline.

I'd say it goes away after a while. I believe you need to buy a good number of masks in order to have the results to stay. I only used like 6 masks, so my results went away after a while.

If I were you, I would buy a lot of masks in order for the results to stay. I watched YouTubers who done this masks that have said the same thing.


B: It probably works by compression? Tissue can accumulate fluid and I suppose compressing that area can eliminate the fluid to give you a slimmer V-line?


A: I used the ones from the PureVisage. it was okay. I actually measured my chin before and after and lost a centimetre (I did the before and after 3 times for margin of error).

You have to hook the chin masks to your ears and since it's tight it kind of repositions any fat around your chin higher up. I did see a firming and lifting effect immediately after, but my face went back to normal after a few days.