My Anxiety keeps me from sleeping, so my face gets puffy every morning!

 1: I am looking into getting something like this to help with the overall look of my face. I’d love to make it look more defined. My issue is not the structure of my face (cause you just can’t change that without surgery), but mostly to bring out the features I feel like are not hiding. Kind of like the equivalent of being slim, but not toned.

I thought it was weight thing, but after losing weight, it’s still the same for me. Not complaining, but at 26 people still think I’m in my teens (Thanks AB products). I’d love to define my features a bit.

What exactly are the purpose of these types of facial tools and do they seem to work for you?


2: Anxiety girl here and BOY! Since my anxiety started some years ago, my face is seeing a difference. Puffy under eyes every single day, whether or not I get a full night’s sleep and my face seems to be bloated almost all the time. I thought at one point my face was just permanently dark and puffy but the couple of times a week I actually sleep and don’t need to do something the next day I look normal (sometimes not even a couple times a week). That lifting mask sounds like heaven right now. I might have to put it on my Christmas list. Which one did you snatch up?

 I've been sleeping better since getting on medication for it, but the meds seem to bloat me up worse. So annoying. Sometimes if I have had a really bad day, I take some melatonin before bed, just to help increase my odds of sleeping. The bloated looking face and bags are one thing, but I have chronic dry eye as well, and when I don't sleep well enough, I spend the next day with all the regrets while my eyes are in pain and my tear ducts are running around trying to build a tear supply with no materials.


3: I bought one a few months ago to help with jaw pain. Jaw pain has lessened, feels amazing, face looks less puffy, and it helps products absorb. I also like to massage my face after the lifting mask to help to excess essence sink in.


4: You guys are selling me on getting rid of this puffiness! Wrinkles are thankfully not an issue at the moment, so I’m not too concerned about that just yet, but yes to looking like a human! I have these chubby cheeks that give me a baby face and while they are sort of my signature, they have caused many a missed opportunity (I thought I was flirting with this really hot guy at Barnes and Noble once and he asked me which one of my middle school classes asked me to grab a book about personality disorders; I was in college).